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There’s a buzz around the net on all the changes underway at and the work we’re doing to improve the online dating space and set new conventions for online communities.  Check back to see new Press Releases featuring us and our related brands. Provides New Features and Tools for Same-Sex Matches in Their Online Dating Community


BeSocial Same-Sex MatchingNew search tools bring Same-Sex Relationships to and make the casual online community more complete and in-touch with expectations. has just made it easier to search for same-sex matches! New search tools and features bring Same-Sex relationships to as new singles utilize the updated profile options.

BeSocial, the casual dating site for couples looking for a date, a long-term relationship or simply friendship, now gives users the tools to seek out same-sex relationships with ease. Users can define exactly who or what they are looking for when they start or at any time with just a few clicks.

Prior to this recent update on BeSocial, individuals seeking Same-Sex relationships found it difficult to target profiles suited to their needs. Now, finding someone of the same-sex either locally or abroad has become easier and with the same level of casual fun BeSocial users have come to expect.

“Members of the dating community asked, we heard the call and always strive to provide them with the tools and options they ask for,” says BeSocial Program Manager, Darrell Rosebush. “Accommodating for same-sex searches and matching is only part of the BeSocial update and re-branding effort,” he continued.

More and more profile options will become available to the BeSocial Community in the coming weeks but this most recent change is a progressive step that helps the site reach a broader and more varied audience. This addition gives more power to the users, the power to find exactly what or who they are looking for especially in a time when Same-Sex relationships and marriages are a hot-button topic.

Visit and see the changes for yourself.

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BeSocial Casual DatingOnline dating sites all over the internet promise visitors an exciting dating environment and the opportunity to meet desirable singles in your local area right now, but that open invitation is also the kind of thing spammers and scammers look for unfortunately. is putting outsiders on the defensive with tighter moderation and behind the scenes security measures that help real people find love online without wasting any social time.

“BeSocial has always had the same kinds of social tools other sites employ, allowing members to manually flag messages or report others who are misusing their access” said Darrell Rosebush, Program Manager of “What we are adding now is a whole new level of protection that includes intuitive moderation tools which quickly filter out undesirables, by identifying them instantly and taking permanent action to close their suspicious accounts.”

When dealing with free sites online, many people have become accustomed to the idea that this comes with lackluster support or ineffective moderation, but BeSocial is emerging as a leader in the otherwise crowded dating site market by going against the grain to establish a new level of high quality services, while keeping full access available for anyone who wants to become part of the BeSocial dating community.

“The best part of these upgraded moderation techniques is that they are all proactive, based on an evolving set of behavioral models that continue to become more and more precise” said Mr. Rosebush.

“As it turns out, the same kind of award winning techniques used to help the members find love can also be used to help moderators weed out the spammers and scammers. That means BeSocial members can enjoy all of their time being social, setting up new dates and meeting potential soul-mates without preventable distractions. We understand that fixing something isn’t good enough, so we are building a dating site that works properly for you in the first place. That’s why so many singles have already voiced considerable approval for these innovative new measures.”

Create your own BeSocial dating profile in less than a minute just head to, and see for yourself. BeSocial team members are working right now to proactively quiet outside distractions to allow everyone to focus in on the romantic possibilities that matter most, giving better results for anyone who wants to Be Social right now!

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