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My Story

I am honest to a fault sometimes. Its sometimes kept me out of relationships as well as caused me other difficulties I suppose. I am also generally a happy person and that one guy from back in school who if you were waiting for me to hit on you you might have had the longest wait, usually cuz my future luv both was and wasn't on my mind at the time. There are some things that will test me despite my happy nature though. You should ask me about them sometime. Ultimately I am looking for a woman that can be an inspiration, a motivation, and a real love and source of happiness who I can grow old with and share in personal growth and change with.

Ideal Match

There is no ideal for me by which I will measure a woman. I really don't know who will be the person I really need until I find her. I have my dislikes of course that can be a turn off and a path to no love, again, you should ask me about them sometime. One small example from a most recent experience is that I really don't like being put in the position of calling a woman a name in some vain effort to drum it into her that my love for her has indeed been sincere. If you have to do that, if all that is there is disbelief and no trust, then you are really in a twilight zone for your relationship that is bound to be a failure.

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