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Where to begin about myself...well I would have to say I have a quick wit about me and sarcastic personality when I get a feel for the man I am with I tend to let that side show. So yes I like to joke around and have fun but I have serious side to me as well. But most of the time I like laughing and just joking around. Why be so serious all the time life is to short!!

Moving on: I will be 38 on the 25th of June...I am not what you would call a high maintenance chick I do not wear makeup and I hate shopping(unless it is for books,horse tack, movies and or drawing supplies), but once and a while I do like to put on a nice dress and heels when the right time comes for that. This is not very often though because I don't need to dress up for my job and my horse doesn't care if I have make up on and or my hair is done just right. I do have very long hair it is to my waist and do not plan on cutting it any time soon. I love the Outdoors,going for walks and or just sitting outside

Ideal Match

In a relationship I must have someone who wants a long term marriage minded relationship..yes I know that one has to get to know the person first but that is what I am looking for in the long run. The man I am looking for must love to laugh, joke around and have fun. However must know how to be serious as well. Outdoor man is fine and extra points if he loves horses, dogs and cats. I am a big kid at heart so it would be pretty cool if he was like that was well...and yet would know when to be serious. Also if he has kids that is fine but would be nice if he was open to the possibility of having more in the future. I do not think I am too demanding on what I am looking for and I can so this much I will NOT put up with someone who feels he has to raise his voice to get his point across, be demeaning, verbally and or physically abusive. I know this seems like common sense but I won't put up with it..and the first signs of such think happening I am done.

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