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I'm Looking For

  • Men
  • Ages 23-26
  • For long term, dating

My Story

Have courage and be kind. My motto for life.

I have anxiety, scoliosis (curved spine) and Cerebral Palsy (a mild physical muscle disorder). I do not drive. I do not drink, smoke, or party.
My faith in men is extremely low right now. I have had two relationships and in the first I was verbally abused and in the second one I was used for sex. I am afraid to be intimate because of this second relationship. I love people and I love to care about them before myself. I am gentle, I am kind, I am loving, passionate about life and love, and always looking at everything in life positively. I am very friendly, outgoing, and social. I love to have fun and I am considered to be a big kid at heart. :). I am extremely loyal, faithful, hardworking, and will always go above and beyond to make my relationships with anyone be it family friends or a significant other, last. Finally, I graduated from college in 2014 with a bachelors degree in theater arts, i live and work in Newark DE. I work at Bar

Ideal Match

My ideal match:
Non smoker/drinker/partier
Can drive
Can handle the fact that I am disabled
Is loving
Open minded
Big hearted
Will put time and effort in
Wont Stand me up
Is a true gentleman
Is gentle always
Is respectful of himself and of me
Can take care of me
Can take care of himself
He will be my best friend
He will make me laugh and smile

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