Why Valentine’s Day is Perfect For Single People


People LOVE falling in love and who’s to blame us?

Who can resist the extreme happiness and absurd euphoria that occurs when our brains are awash in notorious love chemicals? No one. You know that sudden feeling of attachment and dare I say…love that you feel for someone post-coitus? You can chalk that up to oxytocin! If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, let me tell you how this oppressive holiday can work to your favor!

Why Does Valentine’s Day Make Single People Sad?

So here we are and it’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have a date and try as you might, you can’t ignore the nagging, totally fabricated sense of feeling like a total loser on the most amorous of days. Sorry, but I don’t mince words here. But let me re-calibrate your perspective. Why are we single people compelled to feel insecure and inadequate on Valentine’s Day? Simply put, it’s because on this cursed day, we realize how lonely we are and our pining for love reaches a fever pitch and that’s why Haagen-Daz ice cream sales go up.

Imagine it like this. It’s like a Black Friday sale. You know it’s coming. You know you should already get in line and prepare yourself. You want to join in the festivities but after it’s all said and done, you’re left wondering if all that hustle and bustle to get through the doors before anyone else was really worth the trouble? No, it’s not.

Mixed metaphors aside, I am talking about the really insecure people who actively pursue a relationship when they realize that Valentine’s Day is looming closer and closer. They’ll hook up with anyone just so they can parade the fact that they aren’t single and thus participate in one of the most self-serving holidays ever put on a calendar.

Don’t do this. You’re better than that. Don’t let days like this influence the outcome of your emotions. You are you. All the time.

Worse still, if you find yourself in a crumbling relationship, but you feel the selfish need to limp along until you both reach the Valentine’s Day finish line – just don’t. You’re a love jilted asshole if you do. The rest of you content, healthy couples are fine, but this article isn’t for you.

Why Valentine’s Day is PERFECT for SINGLE PEOPLE!

This article is for all of my single people who are spending time alone on February 14th. A day that mocks and shuns and singles them out and excludes them from the human experience. But we can use Valentine’s Day to our favor. Wanna know why Valentine’s Day is the best day for single people to go out?

Fact 1: Couples aren’t going to be bar-hopping. Think about it. All of the restaurants are going to be filled to the gills with reservations and Groupon-funded tables for two.

This means you should go out on Valentine’s Day because all of the people you’re going to encounter are going to be single people all looking for the same thing on the same day and that is companionship and love.

I’ve actually done this…with mixed results, but like that old 90’s Matt Damon movie says, “You can’t lose what you don’t put in the pot” which just basically means, if you don’t try, nothing will happen. You won’t win or lose. So do you want to stay in perpetual emotional limbo?

Of course, you don’t.

Fact 2: Just know that there are literally millions of single people out there thinking the same thoughts that you are thinking and since lonely minds think alike, why not go out and do the rounds at the local venues, clubs, bars, hipster spots, coffee shops, or what have you and try your luck!

It’s such a huge relief when you KNOW that all of these wandering souls are single. It makes flirting easier. It makes approaching them easier. Their feelers are out and so are yours.


Fact 3: Your odds of meeting someone are never going to be higher than they will be on Valentine’s Day.

Okay, true story. So back in my wayward heydays, I was a struggling college student waiting on tables and with all restaurant stories, there’s always that attractive hostess everyone wants to wife up. Her name was Krissy and she was just as dysfunctional as she was hot. But I knew she was single (via the restaurant grapevine) and as fate would have it, we were scheduled to work the same Valentine’s Day lunch shift.

As soon as the lunch rush was over, I waltzed over to her hostess podium and plainly asked what she was doing that night. After commiserating about how a couple of attractive single people like us were all alone on Valentine’s, she accepted my offer for some drinks and two days later, we were banging dating!

It was actually sort of shocking, considering how attractive I thought she was at the time.

My approach worked because pretty girls like to be seen holding hands and engaging in other public displays of affection. Come on. It’s Valentine’s Day. Even a curmudgeon like me can feel the love.

Don’t wait for Cupid and his shitty aim. Snatch the bow, draw, aim, and pull it yourself!


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