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What Men Want in a One Night Stand

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One night stand

What men want in a one night stand is an easy question to ask, or is it? You can answer this directly by saying sex. Men engage in one night stands because they want sex, that desire to quench their carnal cravings. But what most do not understand is the motivation behind such extends to more than a desire for sex.

Sex is the Ultimate Desire

Before we extend our understanding beyond this reason, we have to admit, that yes sex is one reason why men want a one night stand. Certain studies about men describe that their insights to casual sex or one night stands, studies say men more than women seek sexual opportunities, and that they have more inclination towards multiple partnership and short term relationships. This would explain why men stay in bars looking for short hookups.

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Tips For Building Online Dating Relationship

With the advancement of technology, mostly people have shifted over internet to find out their soul mates. Every year, thousands of marriages are resulted from the online dating services. It is very easy to get registered over these online dating websites. However, the success of finding the accurate person depends upon following aspects.

  1. Winning Profile: The first key to attract the opposite sex is to build the effective profile. It must be attractive enough to spell bound the other person and raise a desire to know you. Remember that your words will win the heart of other person. Words should depict fun, liveliness and positivity about your personality.  You must also upload your updated lively photo. It will grab the attention of other person and force them to communicate with you.
  2. Communication technique: Once you have successfully posted your profile, the next step is to write an introductory email to the person you are interested in. You must learn ways to write an introductory email, as this will let other person decide whether to answer you or not. The email wording should be attractive enough that will force the other person to answer you. Make sure that you have carefully read the profile of the person you are approaching.
  3. Avoid lies: You must clear this thing in mind that lie can ruin your image. So, avoid telling lie about your job, outdated photos, income, age and other things. Be honest and try to tell everything factually. This truth will eventually lay the foundation of trust.
  4. Respect others: Always try to respect the feelings of others and do not ever use harsh words. You should behave in a manner that will depict your personality. Always remain down to the earth and simple. Your words should not hurt others, even if you are disagreeing at certain points. Try to avoid conflicts and change the topic if it is becoming too much serious.
  5. Memorable date: It is completely on you that how you will make your first date memorable. You can use different creative tactics to make the other person take interest in your personality.  Remember your first online dating will decide about your next dates, so plan what to talk in your first date and make it mind grabbing.

By following these tips, you will surely make yourself ready for building a healthy online dating relationship. You will surely be able to achieve your desired goal.