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What Men Want in a One Night Stand

Sexy Bed Hot Romantic Sexy Couple 300x225 What Men Want in a One Night Stand

One night stand

What men want in a one night stand is an easy question to ask, or is it? You can answer this directly by saying sex. Men engage in one night stands because they want sex, that desire to quench their carnal cravings. But what most do not understand is the motivation behind such extends to more than a desire for sex.

Sex is the Ultimate Desire

Before we extend our understanding beyond this reason, we have to admit, that yes sex is one reason why men want a one night stand. Certain studies about men describe that their insights to casual sex or one night stands, studies say men more than women seek sexual opportunities, and that they have more inclination towards multiple partnership and short term relationships. This would explain why men stay in bars looking for short hookups.

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