Red Flags of Dating

Dating Red Flags

It’s important to watch out for “red flags” when you’re meeting someone new. Dating can be a treacherous road and its always best to keep your wits about you and watch out for classic warning signs.

Red Flags of Dating

Earlier this year, YouTube channel, Art of Manliness shared an entertaining video that showcases 14 red flags of dating. They provide a fun dramatization so you can learn how to spot common warning signs while dating. This video is more for the guys because let’s face it, men need the most help when it comes to dating.

Is she a self-professed Drama Queen?  Run, don’t walk!

Has she said that ALL of her old boyfriends are jerks? Maybe she had a role to play.

The Red Flags of Dating

Watch the video and see if any of these red flags seem familiar to you. You’ve been warned.