Have A Pokémon GO Date

Have A Pokemon GO Date

Today and for the last few weeks most urban areas have seen swarms of Pokémon GO players as they journey out to “catch ’em all” and engage with other players in their area. Did you know Pokémon GO is also the best new cheap date idea since…ever?

Going On A Pokémon GO Date:

If you’re unfamiliar with the mobile game from Niantic, it’s taken the world by storm and is available to download now. Players the world over work to catch Pokémon on their phone using GPS and augmented reality. Pokemon GO is a social game at it’s core and it’s already been an opportunity for many to meet and interact.

Pokemon GO

Find someone you know who shares an interest (or fake it if it comes to that). Playing Pokémon GO gives you the chance to walk around, engage with the other person and if you happen to be on the same team (you’ll have the chance to select from 3 different ones) then you’ll have even more in common.

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO has attracted casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Pokémon is a powerful brand that resonates with our generation. You can find people from a wide range of groups playing this mobile game.

You catch Pokémon, power them up and if you’re lucky you can face off against opposing Pokémon at “Gyms”. These “gyms” are predetermined points on the map and if you’re powerful enough you can take one over. We’d suggest making the date about your partner because if you spend all your time taking gyms or boasting about your roster you will probably loose them.

If you’re on the same team, be a gentleman and work until your date is securely defending a gym. If you’re a higher level than you’re date you can always do what you can to build up “Gym Experience” or “Prestige” to get them a coin bonus, If you’re not on the same team (red, yellow or blue) we suggest you work out a temporary truce.

Pokéstops give you valuable items. When you’re planning your Pokémon GO date you should plan your route. Impress them by learning all the key “Pokémon Nests” in your area and the best places to go.

Pokémon GO is a great icebreaker is you simply want to approach someone who is playing. If you don’t feel comfortable simply walking up to someone remember that your area or team will likely have a Facebook group or other way to communicate. You can even join the Pokémon / Pokémon GO interests here on BeSocial and keep the conversation going!