First Date Sex


So your first date is going really well and better than expected. The main course is over and you just ordered dessert. You have a few drinks in you and you start to wonder if there is going to be a post-dessert romp? First date sex is not for everyone. There are many different types of people who have sex on the first date. Once you find out what type of “Sex on a first date” type of person you and your date are things may become a little easier for a post date follow up.

  • The No Big Deal Guy/Girl – The type of people who think its no big deal and do it on a regular basis. They look at sex as a fun casual thing to pass the time. These type of people have numbed their emotions for temporary pleasure or have been hurt in the past and have their guard up so it wont happen to them again.
  • The Liar – The type who always say right before having sex, “This isn’t like me. I have never done this before.” Knowing full well they just lied and this is there second or third time. They don’t normally have one night stands but may be at a lower point in their life or may have had substances like alcohol to lower their judgement.
  • The first timer – Usually you can tell if it is a first timer. You will get some kind of friction, back and forth yes and no, hot and cold. Then they eventually give in. In the moment they might be okay but after the act, usually the next day they are in full regret mode. If they get over the regret stage they usually become “The Liar”.
  • The Tease – This is someone who is willing to do everything but actually have sex. In their minds they want have control, still have a good time. And, yes oral sex is on the table.


  • You will both find out if you are sexually compatible or not. Sometimes this may take a few times to make sure because things like nerves and alcohol may alter your judgement. But 99% of the time you can tell if the two of you are compatible.
  • For the ladies, before you invest a bunch of time into a relationship you will know if you are happy with his penis size.
  • For the guys, the second date should be a breeze since you have already seen her naked.


  • Safety first. You want to make sure you are protected. Always have fresh condoms on hand and always use your own when possible. You never know how long the guy/girl has had the condom sitting around and what condition it may be in.
  • They may not call you back. When you you give it up too soon and you are looking for a relationship he/she may think of you differently if you are willing to give it up on the first date.
  • You don’t really know this person and you are willing to bring them back to your home. To be safe get a hotel room. If things don’t work out then you can just move on.