Casual Sex VS Relationship Sex

Casual Sex VS Relationship Sex

Is casual sex less fulfilling than sex you have with your committed partner? Can it be more fulfilling? At one time or another we’ve all thought about it. No matter if you’re single or in a long-term relationship you may have questioned if the sex you’re getting is satisfying. Are you connecting on an emotional level? Is a connection beyond a physical one even that important? We often over-think these things but one thing is for sure, the grass is often greener on the other side.

This insightful YouTube video from Chris aka SupDaily06. Chris has posted a variety of videos about sexuality but also shares videos like this that focus on dating in general. The video features important concepts like keeping your expectations grounded and highlights that he had positive experiences with casual sex. What do you do when casual sex isn’t enough?

Is relationship sex better? According to Chris, yes.


1. There’s no guess work. You know what they like and what they can do.

2. You get honest, open communication.

3. Casual sex and seeking out casual sex gets repetitive and “old”.

Chris described causal sex as a drug. You feel great while in the act but afterwards you feel you;re missing something. If you can’t repeat the same feeling with that person you seek out your next “high”.

So is relationship sex better? If can be more frequent and consistent than what we are told to believe. While casual sex can be exciting it does not compare to relationship sex.

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