Avoiding The Friend Zone

20160307-BSL-Blog-Avoiding The Friend Zone-400We’ve all heard the term “Friend Zone” and unless you’re honestly just looking for a friend, two harsher words have never been spoken. It’s a difficult position to be in if you’re head-over-heels for someone yet they simply don’t think of you in that way and in fact may never have those feelings.

The more people you interact with the greater the chance you’ll end up in the Friend Zone while dating. Your goals are far from simple friendship so if you want to avoid finding yourself in the Friend Zone, take a look at our advice:

Be Open About Your Goals and Feelings

Be upfront about your intentions. Remember that people like confidence. Don’t sit on the fence and keep them guessing about what you’re looking for.

Have Realistic Expectations

Sometimes a romantic relationship isn’t going to happen. Have realistic expectations and if it’s not destined to be move on. You don’t want to find yourself obsessing over someone who only wants to be friends.

Friends With Benefits? Focus on the Benefits.

Finding a FWB and having some fun is more and more common all the time. This can be a balancing act and a FWB can quickly become an estranged friend from the past. Thinking of moving to the next level? Ramp-up the benefits!

Don’t be a Pushover

A real relationship is about passion. If you’re constantly agreeing or always caving to what they want to do then that’s not really passion. Form your own opinions and show you have something legit to bring to a relationship.

Timing Is Everything

Can a friendship really turn into something more? Absolutely; but as with everything timing is important here. Maybe you simply didn’t think you’d actually get together. Maybe there’s never been a drive to do so. If your feelings change evaluate the situation and be sure the time is right.

Isolate Yourselves From A Larger Group

If you’re acquainted through a larger group of friends then find excuses to branch off as a pair once in a while. Show you’re different than everyone else, find something to do together that you both can enjoy.

Differentiate Yourself From The Pack

We are all unique individuals. Showcase what makes you unique.

We hope this series of tips helps you avoid the dreaded Friend Zone. But always keep in mind not every relationship needs to be a romantic one. Actual platonic relationships do exist. Let things happen naturally and don’t rush things.