10 Ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey Facts

50 Shades of Grey - Facts

Having come out in 2015, maybe I’m a little late to the party with this one… But judging by how much of a phenomenon it became, I feel like we’ll be talking about 50 Shades forever. Check out the youtube video and judge for yourself whether or not these facts are true or very much not.

Quite typically, the 50 Shades franchise has made everyone just a little bit hornier than they already were… And willing to experiment! The sale of sex toys in general has gone up 30%-70% in some places, and the sale of more exotic play-things like whips and hand-cuffs has been on the rise as well. Unfortunately, it appears as though the series has also contributed to a rise in STD’s in the over 50 crowd… Come on people, Mr. Grey was a staunch advocate for safe sex!

Apparently, the series has it’s own brand of wine… I remember how I felt when I heard about Nicki Minaj having her own brand of wine coolers; just utter disbelief. Her own brand of butt-implants maybe… Anyhow, the Fifty Shades selection has been lovingly branded “Red Satin”, and “White Silk”, and are apparently not tasty in any way…Fair warning, wine critics have described it tasting like, “pain, and wet saddle leather”. Yummy.

On the complete opposite end of the wackiness spectrum is the 50 Shades inspired onesie. No, not an adult onesie… I’m talking about the ones for infants. I really have no other words.

If you didn’t already know, E.L. James is a British author from London, England… If you’re familiar with British slang, you’d know that 50 Shades is simply riddled with it. Oh also, Ms. James must be a big George Takei fan, because the phrase, “Oh my” appears almost 200 times in the 3 books. Oh my…

It has also become apparent that the 50 Shades series is the product of its authors E.L. James’s mid-life crisis. I hope that when I succumb to the crushing reality that I’m a no-body blogger, I’ll get an idea that cashes in millions of dollars. Ms. James, tell us your secrets.

Coming to the series being a total cultural phenomenon, it might interest you to know that the teaser trailer had more online views than any other movie trailer that year, which included Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With a whopping 93 million views, hot and bothered moms must have been watching that thing on repeat. I’ll admit it, I definitely did.